Customized Massage/60 minutes*= $75
*Session is customized to the individual client, using various modalities and implements to achieve the goal of relaxation and or therapeutic healing. Modalities may include the following: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trager Method, Reiki, Trigger/Pressure Point as well as others. 

Specialty Sessions/ 60 minutes 

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Each additional 30 minutes = $30

Manual Lymphatic Drainage  = $80
MLD is a light touch, rhythmic massage used to relieve the discomfort associated with lymphedema or "swollen lymph nodes". Feeling tired or "drained" is a normal response to this modality. Schedule when you know you will have the time to lie down and rest after your session. 

Deep Tissue (Sports Massage) = $85.00
Two styles, one is for warming up prior to a race or other competitive sporting event. The other is for after, and/or injury to tissues. In addition, DT is used for clients requiring a more focused, or "muscle specific" technique. Contrary to some beliefs, DT should not be performed over the entire body, only one area at a time. You can expect to be a little sore afterward, but you should NOT be in pain. 

Pre-Natal = $65.00
As a woman progresses along in her pregnancy, the baby may press against the lower back, causing tightness and inflammation. Stress can add to discomfort in the shoulder and upper back area which can spread to the extremities. Pre-Natal massage is performed with Mommy laying on her side, supported by pillows for the back work and finishing by lying on her back, with cushions under her knees and neck for total comfort. This is a wonderful gift to give to any expectant mother. I perform massages during any trimester as long as you have clearance from your doctor.

Shiatsu = $65.00
This technique is performed over clothing and can be done on a mat on the floor or on a special massage table. Great for those clients who are not comfortable removing their clothes, Shiatsu is an acupressure modality, focusing on different points in the body to achieve complete wellness. 


Cupping -$65.00

In traditional Chinese medicine, the belief that if there is stagnation in the blood, this can cause a blockage in the meridian lines, which in turn can lead to illness, discomfort and pain. The Western approach is that the flow of blood to damaged tissues can help heal them quickly. There are several types of cupping, heated glass, rubber suction and pump cups. I use the latter. You will feel immediate relief but you will have marks on on the areas treated, most specifically, shoulders and back. These marks will fade away eventually but can stay anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The darker and more pronounced they are, the more stagnation you have. This session is not recommended if you have plans to show those body parts (i.e. vacation at the beach, backless dresses), or unless you're like Michael Phelps, and don't care! 

Repeat Customers  - $60.00

Once you have established yourself as a client you may request the Repeat Customer price. I also offer a client referral package. Inquire via email or in person.