You may book your appointment 24/7 by clicking the link below to access my online calendar. Upon choosing your date and time you will receive an email confirming your appointment and a follow up text reminder the same day of your appointed session. You can change or cancel your appointment by visiting the same calendar, however, I ask that you do so within 24 hours, so I may fill your spot. I try to maintain my schedule the best I can but sometimes errors occur. If that happens I will notify you immediately and make an attempt to correct it. Thank you so much for choosing MMmassage.

INFORMATION FOR GROUPON VOUCHERS - Thank you for your purchase to try my service at a lower cost. Groupon is a fantastic way to promote my business, but there is a downside. I am a solo practitioner, there are only so many hours in a day and since there have been so many purchased, I have limited availability. If my calendar doesn't show any availability that means that either Groupon voucher holders or my existing clients have booked their time. Please email or call me with times and dates you are normally available and I will contact you should I have a cancelation. I regret that I can't accommodate any immediate purchases and you may have to schedule your appointment a few weeks in advance. Just a tip from my own Groupon purchase experiences. If you're buying a voucher for a personal service, i.e., facial, massage, haircut (as opposed to a product) it's best to wait at least a month after the promotion has gone live before trying to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your patience and understanding and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Online scheduling