Did you know.....?

that massage has SO many benefits and it feels SO good that it would be SO silly if you didn't have a therapy session at least once a month...?  What was once considered a luxury has now been medically proven to benefit the overall health of most individuals! Some insurance companies will even cover the cost of massage therapy!
Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References to massage appear in writings from ancient China, Japan, India, Arabic nations, Egypt, Rome and Greece (Hippocrates defined medicine as "the art of rubbing").

Massage is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but studies have shown that massage therapy can indeed heal many ailments and can be an aid to most Western medical treatments. 

 Mmmassage! was created with a different concept in mind. There are many people, of all ages, genders and backgrounds who have fears, concerns and other issues with having a stranger put their hands on them. This can thwart someone's attempt at alternative healing. 
My approach to massage might be a bit different then some other therapists. Getting to know you as a person is tantamount to getting to know you as a patient. Within the scope of the boundaries set forth by the licensing boards I prefer that we talk a little before your session...you can expect to laugh a little and maybe even cry a little as you reveal what's going on in your corner of the world.  If this is considered a little more unconventional than what you're used to, that's okay, but I have found it's more effective in getting you to relax so when you get on my table, it won't feel like a stranger touching you, but more like a friend who wants to help heal whatever stress or physical discomfort you might be experiencing. Doesn't that sound mmm good? 
I hope to see you soon!

Until then, walk light on your feet , with love in your heart and peace in your soul.....